Centralised Intrusion Alarm Monitoring Services
Bank ATM
The cost for deploying guards is higher and can also be ineffective in case miscreants arrive armed on the site. Centralized intrusion alarm monitoring services also known as CAMS, can offer very effective solution which can optimize your security as well as reduce cost. It is a complete 24/7 alert based monitoring from Security Operation Centre. It has an effective two-way communication to deter crime before it happens and is designed to keep you secure. With a live monitoring feature to view current situation at site the monitoring service sends adequate backup on time. CAMS is made to prevent and deter any incident such as vandalism of an ATM machine, unauthorized access to backroom, unauthorized usage of ATM centre, theft of other equipments like UPS, Battery, AC units, theft from the cheque drop box, etc. CAMS can also be integrated to exisiting Fire alarm system or can provide fire detection system if existing is not avalaible. They offer a quick response experienced team that can also escalate to police, fire brigade or an ambulance if required on real time basis.
Bank Branch
In order to keep a track on the safety of Bank branches, there is a need to have records on the opening and closing of the main door, vault, teller counter, server room, etc. As it is difficult to keep track manually on these actions there is a need to install enhanced security system which does the job. Keeping an automated alarm monitoring system is also better as having a single guard at a time especially during night time might turn out to be inadequate. The CAMS can provide all required details such as opening and closing of main door, vault, teller counter, server room, etc. CAMS is cost efficient and provides optimized 24/7 automated security and saves the cost on a guard. It can also help in getting sufficient backup depending upon level of incident at site due to its quick response service. Outfitted with live monitoring, the CAMS will detect in case of fire at the site. Its quick response team is well experienced and can escalate the case if required.
Retail Stores
The lack of proper monitoring of access to the store rooms lead to lot of pilferage when the final tally of inventory is being made. Theft and burglary is caused due to inadequate security after the closing hours. The CAMS can provide a unique access control system that is controlled from Security Operation Centre which completely tracks people accessing restricted areas such as store rooms or server rooms. It also performs automated checks on footage availability so that the footage captured is available is 100% at any given point of time and provides you a complete automated security monitored after the closing hours. With live monitoring from the Security Operation Centre in case of a theft attempt, there is a two-way communication from SOC to deter crime before it happens and the help is sent on time. Its live monitoring helps in case of a fire breakout or other mishap. The experienced quick response team can also escalate the situation if required. CAMS can also provide remote monitoring of premises to check cleaninness of the site, attire of the employees whether they are in proper uniform, checking temperature of the store if the temperature is to be maintained at a certain level.
Corporate Offices
Like stores and banks, corporate offices also require specific records like the opening and closing of main door, server room, and other important places and it is difficult to keep a track on these actions manually. Hence, there is a requirement for an enhanced security system that is more reliable and will give foolproof protection. CAMS can record all the required details such as opening and closing of each door and vaults. CAMS provide a cost efficient 24/7 optimized automated security. It can help in getting sufficient backup depending upon the level of incidents at the site. With features like live monitoring, CAMS can detect in case of a mishaps at the premises. Backed up with a quick response team who will be at your rescue if required and can also escalate the case to the police, fire brigade or ambulance if required on real time basis.
Cash Vans
Robbing of cash vans are on rise and very often such incidents are being reported. To stop these occurrences, there needs to be continuous tracking from the moment a cash van diverts from its route. An immediate alert should be flashed at the command center for quick help. In past, there have also been many incidents where the cash van caretakers or the guards have been manhandled with an intention to rob the van. CAMS provide a very comprehensive solution for such incidents wherein it can not only track the route and alert the van if diverted but also provide real time deterrence if there is any. Live monitoring will help in determining the current situation and keep the vans safe. Two-way communication and hooter will help in deterring possible crime. Active vehicle tracking would track down exact location of the vehicle and would send required backup when required.
Keeping a school bus safe is very important and there is a requirement to keep track on its every activity. There is also a need of actively tracking school buses in order to keep the children safe. Remote CCTV monitoring of activities inside the bus when it is on the move helps in recording their activity so in case if any mishaps occur the quick response team can be sent for protection. They are also well experienced and can immediately escalate the case to the QRT if there is a distress call. The automated CCTV system checks and guarantees availability of footage 100%.
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