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Established in 2011, Modern Informatics Private Limited (MIPL) has earned a strong reputation in the field of e-surveillance services in India.
We are one of the leading names in the e-surveillance domain, offering reliable systems with technologically advanced features.

Our journey began with our parent company MSF (Modern V.R. Security Force (I) Pvt. Ltd.) that was established in 1984 for providing physical security to companies, industrial houses, embassies and other establishments. With more than 500 corporate clients, MSF received tremendous recognition for its services and this inspired the formation of Modern Informatics Pvt. Ltd. MIPL is a 100% subsidiary of our parent company.

Today, we provide cutting-edge e-surveillance solutions to almost all leading banks in the country, including MNC Banks, PSU Banks and Private Banks. Our unparalleled solutions are also offered to the retail, corporate offices and various other segments. Currently, we serve clients across 500 cities in India with more than 5000 installations of e-surveillance systems.
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Central Infrastructure
The sturdiness and reliability of our e-surveillance solutions is the result of our state-of-the-art central infrastructure.
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Our central infrastructure comprises of a robust dual server system for achieving high availability. The server systems come with a HOT standby configuration. If the primary system fails, the HOT standby system immediately takes over the primary system. HOT standby system consists of a master database and one or more standby databases that offer the advantage of a short downtime when errors occur.
We have added firewall layers to protect our e-surveillance system from unauthorized use by hackers. Our firewall with highest specification is configured in a way that only restricted traffic from the sites can pass through it and reach the server for further processing. To ensure high availability, our firewall is configured over active-passive and active-active with state synchronization.
Our company uses the latest SAN storage for saving all alerts with important snaps for 90 days. This dual storage system with a total capacity of 80 TB helps in storing images and required alerts in a centralized location. If there is an accident at a site and the DVR or hard disk is tampered with, the snaps and alerts still remain available as evidence. The SAN is equipped with its own backup, in case of failure.
We have a secure and seamless network that is the backbone of our remote surveillance solution. Multiple backhaul links have been setup with essential backup to provide high availability. For optimum security of data that is being transmitted over the network, no two links i.e. primary and secondary are from the same service provider. Each link is configured over a secure virtual private network so that there is no degradation of services.
Our central infrastructure is equipped with 20 KVL, 3-phase IN-OUT UPS system that provides power backup for 12 hours. A powerful diesel generator is used to back up the UPS system that helps in ensuring power backup with 99.9% uptime.
We have a Security Operation Centre that is open 24/7, all year round. All sites are managed and monitored from this centre which is divided into different departments such as, Intrusion Monitoring, Report Analysts, Facility Checks and Energy Monitoring Team.
As part of our business continuity plan, we have set up a DR or disaster recovery at different seismic zones with complete data mirroring. The DR is activated within specified RTO in case there is an accident at the central infrastructure.
We have used the ‘Internet of things’ concept for building our e-surveillance system. It connects different physical objects, embedded with sensors, electronics and software. It can also communicate and exchange data over the network.
We are Cisco Partner in Mumbai and a leading IT Infrastructure Solution Providerand AV Iintegrator in Mumbai. Being a Honeywell Security Partner in Mumbai,we provide ATM Security Solution and Information Security in Mumbai and its surrounding areas. We are also HP Server Vendor in Mumbai.
We provide Tanderberg Video conferencing systems and Surveillance in Mumbai.
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